Vehicle Loans


Vehicle Loan Two Wheeler (New/Old) / Three Wheeler ( New/Old) / Four Wheeler ( New/Old)
Loan Amount New Vehicle – 80% Of Quotation @ROI- As applicable in Loan Interest Rate Chart
Old Vehicle – 75% of Valuation (3-5 Years) @ ROI- As applicable in Loan Interest Rate Chart
Guarantor Two (Creditworthy Guarantor’s )
Membership @ 2.5 % of Loan Amount in share if loan amount > Rs. 1.00 lack
Nominal Membership if loan amount < or =Rs. 1.00 Lack
Loaning Immediate Loan Sanction
Security Said Vehicle
Documents Quotation
Latest Income Proof of Applicant & Guarantor’s
o In case of Businessman- Last three I T returns with audited Financial
Bank Track Record last year
o In case of Salary Earner – Last three months Salary Certificate and
one years
Salary a/c statement.
I D & Add Proof’s documents of Applicant & Guarantor’s Bank Track Record
Borrower’s residential proof
Pre-closure 2 % of Balance Amount
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                T&C Apply.
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