Service Charges

Savings Bank Account

Saving Bank Accounts can be opened by Individuals and Non-Individuals. This account may be opened and run with a minimum balance as follows:-

Sr.No. Saving Account Schemes Min. Bal. Facilities 
1. Regular Saving Account 500.00 No ATM & Chequebook
2. Regular Saving Account 1000.00 ATM & 1st Chequebook Free
3. Mahila Shakati Bachat Thev Yojana 0.00 ATM & Chequebook Free

Interest Rates: 3.00% p.a.

Documents Required

1 Pan Card & Aadhar Card
2 Address Proof
3 2 Color Photo



Current Accounts

Current Accounts can be opened by individuals, Co-operative Institutions, and Housing Societies.
Account could be opened with initial amount of Rs. 2100/-.
Minimum balance of Rs. 2000/- should be maintained.

Sr.No. Current Account Schemes Min. Bal.
1. Regular Current Account 2,000.00
2. Silver Current Account 5,000.00
3. Gold Current Account 15,000.00

Documents requirements for opening current account:-

1) PAN Card
2) Shop Act / Registration Certificate
3) Residential Address Proof
4) Office Address Proof
5) Aadhar Card
6) 2 Color Photo


Core Banking Facility

Our Bank has successfully implemented the CBS (Core Banking Solution) system in 2011. Due to this the scope of Banking transaction have increased. The Customer are getting very fast services like.

  • Any Branch Banking (ABB)
  • Customer can withdraw od Deposit his/her cash from any Branch of our Bank.
  • Its aslo possible to drop/submit the O/w cheque in the any branch of the Bank. Its leads to time saving to our respected customer/s.
  • Our Dear customer can enjoy every type of Banking facilities at our any Branch as hi/her get in his/her Home branch.



SMS Banking Facility

Missed Call Alert..!!

Stay informed effortlessly with our
Missed Call Services for Balance Enquiry



SMS Charges Rs.25 + GST per quarter.




The Bank provide RTGS/NEFT through its H2H services & IMPS services are also provide on IFSC IBKL0087PCS through NPCI.

Timings –

    NEFT 10.00 am to 6.00 pm (Working Monday to Saturday)
    RTGS 10.00 am to 5.30 pm (Working Monday to Saturday)
    IMPS 24 x 7 (365 Days)

Charges –

  RTGS/NEFT up to Rs. 2 lakh Rs. 0 + GST
  RTGS/NEFT Rs. 2 Lakh to 5 Lakh Rs. 0 + GST
  RTGS/NEFT Rs. 5 Lakh & Above Rs. 0 + GST

No Extra Charges

Bank IFSC Details –

Sr. No. Branch IFSC
1.  Pimpri IBKL0087PCS
2.  Chinchwad IBKL0087PCS
3.  Bhosari IBKL0087PCS
4. Chakan IBKL0087PCS

For IMPS services only use IFSC ” IBKL0087PCS “.



Cheque Book Facility

The Bank provide the “CTS” cheques to the customer as the direction of RBI.

Cheque Book Charges

Savings Account 1 Cheque Book (15 leaves) Rs.60 + Ser. Tax
Current Account 1 Cheque Book (30 leaves) Rs.120+ Ser. Tax


Locker Facility

The Safe Deposit Locker facility offers invaluable safety for you valuables.
We also have on offer a variety of sizes to fit your requirements.
The deposit lockers can be operated at your convenience during our banking hours.

We provide the maximum safety to your valuables that are placed in our Safe Deposit Lockers.

Locker Size

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Service charge & Deposit

Sr.No Locker Schemes Rent Amount Remark 
1. Small Locker 1,000.00 + GST 10,000/- Fixed Deposit Compulsory
2. Medium Locker 2,000.00 + GST 15,000/- Fixed Deposit Compulsory
3. Big Locker 5,000.00 + GST 20,000/- Fixed Deposit Compulsory

Pay one year’s rent in advance upfront..
Our lockers are offered at very competitive rates. Please visit your nearest branch to find out more about the locker charges.



Special Services

Charges Schedule

Insurance/Tax payments

The Bank giving other services to its customer like Insurance, Tax payments like M Vat, Service Tax, Income Tax, CST etc. with nominal charges..




Charges Applicable from 02/05/2023

Sr.No. Particulars   Charges+ GST
1. Bank Guaranty Commission Min. Rs.500/- per year. Charges in full shall be recovered where BG period more than 1 year (in multiples of years) 2%
2. Solvency Certificate  Charges Up to Rs. 5 lakh  1000/-
5.01 lakh to 25 lakh  3000/-
25.01 lakh to 50 lakh  5000/-
50.01 lakh and above  7000/-
3. Cheque-Stop Payment Charges For Singal Cheque  150/-
4. Cheque Return Charges For Singal Cheque  500/-
5. ECS Return Charges For Singal ECS  500/-
6. ECS Mandate Registration Charges For Singal ECS  100/-
7. D. D./ Pay Order Charges Charges Per Thoausand & Maximum Rs. 2000  2/-
8. D. D. / Pay Order Cancellation Charges Charges For Singal D.D. /Pay Order 100/-
9. Duplicate Pay order, D D. Charges   200/-
10. Minimum Balance Charges    
  1. Saving   Nil
  2. Currant    Nil
11. Duplicate Passbook Charges   100/-
12. Inoperative Account Charges Yearly Charges 100/-
13. Account Close Charges    
  A) Saving A/c Before Six Months   200/-
  B) Currant A/c Before Six Months     500/-
  D) Unused Cheque  For Singal Cheque  5/-
14. Cheque Book Charges                     1) First cheque (for SB/CA/CC) book is free. 2) Mahila Shakti SB A/c CB is free   For Singal Cheque  4/-
15. Locker Rent     
  1. Small Yearly Rent 1000/-
  2. Medium Yearly Rent 2000/-
  3. Big Yearly Rent 5000/-
16. Locker Rent Overdue Notice Charges For Singal Notice 100/-
17. Locker breaking  Charges For Singal Locker 5000/-
18. Locker Rent Late fee Charges    
  1. Small   100/-
  2. Medium   200/-
  3. Big   300/-
19. Gold Loan Form Fee Charges   100/-


Gold Valuation Charges (Rs.3/- per ‘1000) For Singal Account (kalam) 300/-
21. Gold Loan Overdue Notice Charges For Singal Notice 100/-
22. Signature Verification Charges   100/-
23. SMS Charges Quarterly  25/-
24. Duplicate Statement Charges For Singal Page  10/-
25. Stock Statement Charges (on O/s ledge Bal.) Per Month 2% Peneal Int. 2%
26. Loan NOC Charges   100/-
27. Loan Form Fee Charges   200/-
28. Loan Overdue Notice Charges   100/-
29. Loan Take Over Charges Charges applicable On Loan Ledger Bal. 2%
30 Loan Installment Overdue Penalty Per Month  Peneal Int. 2%
 31. Loan Processing Fee Maximum Sanctioned Amount is Rs.30000 0.50%


Loan Form scrutiny Charges Up to Rs. 5 lakh  100/-
Above Rs. 5.01 Lakh  500/-
 33. Saving Minimum Bal. Requirement    
  1. Saving A/c Minimum Bal. (Without ATM & Cheque Book)   500/-
  2. Saving A/c Minimum Bal. with Cheq. Book / ATM   1000/-
34.  Current A/c Minimum Bal. Requirement    
1. Basic A/c Minimum balance                                              2000/-
2.Silver A/ Minimum balance   5000/-
3. Gold A/c. Minimum balance   15000/-
35.  GST Challan payment Charges (Customer) Per request 100/-
36. Trade Certificate Charges For Singal Vehicle 150/-
37. Postage Charges For Singal Document 25/-
38. CIBIL (CIC’s) Charges Per PAN 300/-
39. ATM Card Annual Fee Per ATM Card 125/-
40. ATM Card Block & Reissue  Per ATM Card 200/-
41. ATM Pin Regeneration Charges Per ATM Card 50/-
42. Card Damaged/Lost Reissue Per ATM Card 200/-
43. Loan Application Visit Fee    
  रु.५ लाख व त्यापुढील कर्जासाठी   500/-
  प्रत्यक्ष भेट प्रवास खर्च कि .मी.पेक्षा जास्त अंतर असल्यास प्रती की.मी.    10/-
  (चार्जेस वसुली संदर्भात रु.५०००/- अगोदर भरणा करून घेणे.      


मंजूर : मा. संचालक मंडळ सभा दि. २९.४.२०२३ ठ .क्र. ०८ 


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