Service Charges

Charges Schedule  Applicable from 01.10.2020

Sr. No.Particulars   Charges
1Bank Guaranty CommissionMin. Rs. 500 / Year, If 3 years Then Full amount required.2%
2Solvancy Certificate  ChargesUpto 5 Lac1000/-
  5 To 25 lac3000/-
  25 To 50 Lac5000/-
  50 Lac & Above7000/-
3Cheque Stop Payment ChargesPer Cheque150/-
4Cheque Return ChargesPer Cheque500/-
5ECS Return ChargesPer Mandate500/-
6ECS Mandate Registration ChargesPer Mandate100/-
7D. D./ Pay Order ChargesPer Rs. 1000 ( Max- Rs. 2000/-)2/-
8D. D. Cancellation ChargesPer DD/Pay Order100/-
9Duplicate Payorder, D D. ChargesPer DD/Pay Order200/-
10Minimum Balance Charges  
 SavingPer Month100/-
 Currant Per Month200/-
11Debit Balance Charges  
 Saving 100/-
 Currant  200/-
12Duplicate Passbook Charges 100/-
13Inoperative Account ChargesPer Year100/-
14Account Close Charges  
 A) Saving A/c Before Six Month   200/-
 B) Currant A/c Before Six Month   500/-
  D) Unuse Cheque   Per Cheque 5/-
15Cheque Book ChargesPer Cheque Book0/-
16Locker Rent   
 SmallPer Year1000/-
 MeduiamPer Year2000/-
 BigPer Year5000/-
17Locker Rent Overdue Notice ChargesPer Notice100/-
18Locker breaking  ChargesPer Locker5000/-
19Locker Rent Late fee Charges  
 Small 100/-
 Meduiam 200/-
 Big 300/-
20Gold Loan Form Fee Charges 100/-
21Gold Valution ChargesPer Gold Loan  / Kalam300/-
22Gold Loan Overdue Notice ChargesPer Notice100/-
23Signiture Verification Charges 100/-
24SMS ChargesPer Quarterly25/-
25Duplicate Statement ChargesPer Page10/-
26Stock Statement ChargesPer Month 2% (Penal Inerest)2%
27Loan NOC Charges 100/-
28Loan Form Fee ChargesPer Form200/-
29Loan Overdue Notice Charges 100/-
30Loan Take Over ChargesOn Outstanding Balance2%
31Loan Installment Overdue PenaltyPer Month2%
32Loan Processing FeeOn Sanction amount max. Rs. 30000/-0.50%
33Loan Form scrutiny ChargesUpto 5 Lac100/-
  Above 5 Lac500/-
34Saving A/c Minimum Bal. Required 500/-
35Saving A/c Minimum Bal. with Cheq. Book 1000/-
36Current A/c Minimum Bal. Required  
 1. Basic A/c Minimum Bal. Required                                               2000/-
 2.Silver A/c.Minimum Bal.Required     5000/-
 3. Gold A/c. Minimum Bal.Required 15000/-
37GST Challan Charges (Customer) 100/-
38Trade Certificate ChargesPer Vehicle150/-
39Postage ChargesPer Document / Parcel25/-
40Cibil Charges 300/-
41ATM Card Annual Fee 125/-
42ATM Card Block & Reissue 200/-
43Pin Regenration Charges 50/-
44Card Damaged/Lost Reissue 200/-
45Loan Application Visit Fee  
  5 Lac & Above Loan Amount500/-
  Per KM. ( If visit distance are more than 40 KM then frist collect changes Min. 5000 in recovery charges )10/-
  * GST Applicable